Street art Lisbon #5

I can’t repeat it enough that Lisbon was the most incredible place I’ve been too for street art. The sheer variety of artists and styles on display was almost overwhelming and definitely too much to take in over such a short trip. I NEED to go back!

This week’s piece is by two artists who’s work I know pretty well from the Catalunya region and who’s work I saw quite a bit of in Lisbon – on the left of the picture you have Kimo Osuna and on the right Werens.

For this piece Kimo has painted a monkey who is glancing over his shoulder at Werens hovering, intrusive CCTV camera. The monkey looking none to impressed that he is being followed… The camera itself is shaped like a question mark, maybe asking the question why everything we do needs to be watched by the authorities or maybe why all too often we turn a blind eye to what is happening with nature.

Either way it’s less of just a cartoon piece and more of a thought provoking one that’s an excellent addition to Lisbon’s thriving street art scene.


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