Street art Lisbon #7

This wall was one of those that could easily be missed whilst focussing on other things. I found this one whilst out of Lisbon checking out some pieces I had seen from the train window whilst on my way to Quinta do Mocho. Like Quinta the whole suburb is full of huge building sized murals from some of the biggest names in street art so pieces tucked away at the top of a car park like this could easily fly under the radar. Thankfully I saw this in the distance whilst walking up the hill to the barrio and it caught my attention enough that I made a point of heading over to see it.

The walls is two separate pieces and I’m not sure if they were done in conjunction or it’s just coincidence that they are in such close proximity. The smaller piece on the left is by Caio Beltrao who’s work I’ve actually seen before as he has a permanent mural in Barcelona’s Nau Bostik cultural centre. From looking at the artists IG the piece is called ‘departure’ and depicts two, almost sculpture like figures facing away from each other. The one on the right looking particularly stern and serious.

The second larger piece is by Nowan and Asuos from the OYA crew. From what I can gather the pieces are self portraits of the artists but with a tribal twist to them. Maybe a nod to the tribal nature of graffiti crews or maybe each artists heritage, I’m really not sure. What I am sure of is that I really like the piece, it’s really bright and the faces both have great shape and textures to them. Plus it stands out even from a few hundred yards away.

And yes that is my finger on the top left of the shot below… there’s a reason I’m an amateur photographer only.


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