Street art Lisbon #9

This piece was one of the first that I saw when I arrived in Lisbon, I stumbled across it whilst searching for my hotel on the Friday night and made a point of coming back to see it in better lighting the following morning. Of course in the morning the sun was behind the piece blinding me so patience (not one of my virtues) was required and I finally got a shot on my way back to the airport. 

The piece is by Stylerone and for anyone visiting Lisbon  in the future is just a few minutes walk from the the Cais do Sodre train station. I don’t know a great deal about Stylerone, he seems to paint regularly in Lisbon so I am assuming he’s a native of the city. For any readers who keep a regular eye on social media you’ll know he’s just completed that massive Eminem mural in Loures for example.

The piece itself is anamorphic in style with the 3D Bird and the female character really jumping off the wall. The attention to detail on both these parts is simply incredible with the shadow on the fish and the reflection on the bubbles particular highlights.

The piece is also very abstract in nature with 3D numbers, doorways to relativity style staircases and landscapes that warp perception in-amongst the two main characters.

It was well worth the wait to get some shade free shots of this fantastic look piece.




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