Street art on the move

El Joel, Van, street art, graffiti

This is something I’ve written about previously but who said I can’t recycle my work! Actually, as these are different vans technically this is a completely new piece. He says with conviction!

Street art vans

In actual fact I have written about street art ‘vans’ on multiple occasions. There are loads here but of course, pretty hard to spot. I mostly see them from across four lanes of moving traffic and never actually get to take a photo.

That being said, I managed to spot two of these vans in a matter of days. Both were parked up in the Sant Antoni neighbourhood of Barcelona and I just got lucky I guess. Two of these vans feature the work of El Joel and Gabs. One of them also has a small piece from Londoner Jeba on the back door.

I really love the idea of a street art loving van driver hitting up some artists to come and do some commission work on their van. Who wouldn’t want to drive around in this? It’s killer! Joel, Gabs and Jeba have went wild and used some real electric colours here. It looks like their lettering has been created from a giant electrical storm. It’s so so clean as well, the lines, the fills, just everything really pops. I love it!

Gabs, Jeba, van, street art, graffiit

This second van I saw by night so I can only apologise for the photo quality. I did actually have my girlfriend assist with her IPhone 11 camera which is insanely good quality. Even then, its hard to capture how good these pieces actually are.

Gabs, van, street art, graffiti

Gabs and Joel have gone all in on this van as well with some more really great colour choices. Joel has gone old school with gold and silver whilst Gabs is using those electric blues with flashes of yellow and green. Stormy style.

El Joel, street art, van, graffiti

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to see this second van again in daylight and get some better shots. And maybe one day the red lights will be in my favour and I’ll catch some of these other vans driving around.

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