Strong Together – Tim Marsh and Ivesone

Hot on the heels of my interview with artist Tim Marsh last week I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with Tim and Dutch artist and founder of Amsterdam street art, Ivesone as they collaborated on a piece at Barcelona’s famous Tres Xemeneies legal wall.


It really is fascinating to watch two artists with very different styles at work on a collaborative piece with no pre-planning, solely working off intuition and an eye for what works and what doesn’t. Tim with his methodical tape and spray style and Ives with more of a free hand style of working. Ives by the way, works at an incredible pace, it’s amazing to see something so detailed be created so quickly, it really blew me away. I would also like to think that the beers that were sipped at during the afternoon definitely helped the creative process also.

The final piece merged Tim’s and Ives styles nicely, with Tim’s colourful shapes overlapping Ives stencil style facial work creating a really great piece that hopefully will manage to stick around for a while on the ever changing walls here in Barcelona.


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