Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – Siempre

We hardly stop to think about the curative power of art and how it can shed light even in the most difficult moments of our lives. One of them, without a doubt, is losing a child. In July 2020, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada and his family had to say goodbye to Neuquén, his first child. He wasContinue reading “Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – Siempre”

Ceremony – Canal Gallery Inauguration

December 2nd saw the long awaited inauguration of Canal Gallery a new contemporary urban art gallery in Barcelona. This new gallery celebrated their opening with CEREMONY, a large group exhibition with more than 50 established and emerging artists showcasing their works. Ceremony included the works of artists from all manner of disiplines from all over the globe. Canal GalleryContinue reading “Ceremony – Canal Gallery Inauguration”


It’s been 17 months since I last managed to write anything for the blog. August 2020 was my last written piece. That’s a pretty substantial amount of time to suffer from writers block. Or maybe it was imposter syndrome or a bit of both, I’m really not sure. It’s possible I’ve spent a few too manyContinue reading “Back”

James Stanford from the Land Beyond

LAS VEGAS (June 2020) – Las Vegas artist James Stanford has completed his new mural at The Neon Museum’s Reed Whipple building. The monumental mural, entitled “From the Land Beyond,” taken from the film “The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad” (1958), was commissioned by the Cultural Corridor Coalition as part of the beautification of Downtown LasContinue reading “James Stanford from the Land Beyond”