3 of the best – Weekly round up

It’s time for the weekly round up on nogreywalls and it’s been another great week for street art. I’m still working my way through all my Lisbon photos so not many of them have found their way onto Instagram yet. Plus this week in Barcelona has been strong with lots of new pieces from local andContinue reading “3 of the best – Weekly round up”

Interview with Rage

It’s Friday so that means artist interview time! This week I have the good fortune to share an interview with local artist Raul Salvatierra aka Rage who tells us about his career in the world of graffiti. Hi Raul (Rage), how are you? Tell us a little about yourself? How did it all start for you?Continue reading “Interview with Rage”

Street art Lisbon #1

As mentioned in my weekly round up post I am just back from a weekend break to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Although I did do the standard touristy things i.e standing on multiple streets staring blankly at Google maps and confusing waiters/waitresses with my attempts at Portuguese (I had perfected ordering a coffee by theContinue reading “Street art Lisbon #1”

Tim Burton by DavidL

I keep meaning to write about DavidL and his wonderful art but I’ve never quite found the words to do his work justice or decided on which format to post my words/photos in. David is a veteran of the graffiti scene, 25 years in the game now but he is not someone who’s work you areContinue reading “Tim Burton by DavidL”

3 of the best – Weekly round up

The weekly round up is coming at you a day late but with good reason (other than me just being lazy) as I spent the past weekend in Lisbon and only got home late last night. Lisbon was an amazing city to visit, so much so that it has jumped above Berlin in my hypotheticalContinue reading “3 of the best – Weekly round up”