Tattooing with Uriginal

Something slightly different for nogreywalls today with this post. This weekend I was a guinea pig for Barcelona born and bred artist Uriginal in his new hobby of tattooing.

Uri’s work on canvas and walls is something that I have loved since I first came across his work (please please check out his work, it’s incredible) and the chance to be tattooed by him, even with only five tattoos worth of experience, seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

I arrived at Uri’s apartment with, I wouldn’t say low expectations, but due to his lack of experience I wasn’t expecting the final piece to be absolutely perfect. With this in mind I was pretty stunned to see how quickly he has mastered something that takes years of practice in just a few attempts. It really shows how great artists can turn their hand to almost anything ‘arty’

In all honesty if Uri continues tattooing and continues to learn at such a rapid pace he is going to be one of the best tattooists around in no time at all and it was an absolutely pleasure to be one of the first to get one of his pieces etched onto my body.

Few pictures below of the process and the final piece which I honestly could not be happier with.

Also #freethenipple





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