The ‘ceramicalistic’ painting of Ana Barriga

Ana Barriga, B-Murals, Street art, Barcelona

Spanish artist Ana Barriga Oliva has created a new wall in Barcelona for B-Murals. The wall is situated at La Sagrera’s Espacio30 near B-Murals base at Nau Bostik. This latest intervention joins 3 other parallel walls that were created during B-murals previous exhibition which brought 24 of the best figurative and neo-muralism painters together. 

Ceramicalistic Art

This big time wall is inspired by some of the objects Ana Barriga searches for in the ‘El Rastro’ flea market in her home of Madrid. Inspired by a recent flea market find the mural depicts two ceramic children going in for a romantic kiss.

Ana Barriga, B-murals, Street art, Barcelona

Ceramicalistic is not a word I have come across before and my WordPress spell checker certainly doesn’t like it! However the phrase definitely seems to be very appropriate for Ana’s style of street art. Ana’s pottery inspired characters definitely wouldn’t look out of place on your mantlepiece, depending on your age of course. The mural was created using different techniques such as oil painting, varnish and spray cans.

Ana Barriga, B-murals, Street art, Barcelona

The final piece gives the neighbourhood of La Sagrera and the city of Barcelona an image that displays a universal scene of love and fraternity. 

Ana Barriga, B-murals, Street art, Barcelona

This work has been possible thanks to the collaboration between the Sant Andreu district and Espacio30 with Barcelona’s City Council. It has been managed by B-Murals and local artist Sergi Bastida supported Ana.

Ana Barriga, B-murals, Street art, Barcelona

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B-MURALS is an specialised urban art center. An overall project which combines supporting creativity through mural interventions, art residencies and exhibitions with community works, spreading urban art and reflecting about it. A strong bet for culture as a tool of social transformation.

Located in Barcelona it is managed by Difusor, an entity that works on the promotion of several art forms in the urban environment since 2006.

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