The legend of Graffiti Zelda

I don’t like posting pictures of art that I find around Barcelona on my Instagram if I don’t know who the creator of the piece is. I spend a lot (too much) time trying to track down the artists name so I can tag them when I post. Sometimes though I just have to accept defeat and either post without tagging the artist or just not share the piece with the world.

This piece is one that I decided I liked so much that I had to share on IG and now here, even without knowing the artist who painted it.

As you can see it’s the Nintendo video game character Link from the hugely successful Legend of Zelda series. The artist has chosen to paint Link in the original 8 bit version from the 80’s instead of a more modern version. I think that’s why this piece appeals to me so much, a childhood memory of playing video games for the first time and my mind being blown by graphics that now seem almost impossible to imagine having enjoyed back then, all clunky and block like. Still those first consoles and games always hold a special place in my heart and now so does this piece, as temporary as it may be.


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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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