Three Women, Three walls – Contorno Urbano 12+1 Project March

Anna Repullo for Contorno Urbano


The Foundation Contorno Urbano creates three new walls through the 12+1 project with Flavita Banana, Elisa Capdevila and Anna Repullo as the artists in charge of the paintings. 

Three women were in charge of the 12+1 walls in Barcelona and Sant Vicenç dels Horts this March. The artists presented three different concepts: the famous illustrator Flavita Banana has created the artwork “Juntes sumem” (translated as women, together we’re stronger), a kind representation of women’s tough reality. Anna Repullo introduced us to a quotidian human portrait full of passion with “El Beso”. And last, but not least, Elisa Capdevila evokes the bodies’ perfection and imperfections representing two gypsum torsos. 

Flavita Banana for Contorno Urbano

Flavita Banana

Flavita intervened the wall of the Civic Center Cotxeres Borrell with a feminist artwork and her unmistakable black stroke. The artist presented a “Ring around a rosy” full of women, a kind expression of the harsh reality. At any time and situation, women have to be in alert and united. We have to protect and help each other; unfortunately, also when we’re having fun. But, above all, we have to remember that we are stronger together.

Flavita Banana for Contorno Urbano

Anna Repullo

Anna created the mural “El beso” (the kiss). The artwork represents a passionate kiss between two people, two lovers. Kisses are symbol of affection that often create a special and unique atmosphere.

Anna Repullo for Contorno Urbano

Each kiss is different and there’s no harm on revendicating the importance of sharing moments of tenderness and emotion.

Anna Repullo for Contorno Urbano

Elisa Capdevila

Elisa’s artwork is named “Bodies”. The same plaster torso seen from different angles. The painting is open to many interpretations, and each of them successful.

Elisa Capdevilla for Contorno Urbano

For the artist, the plaster bodies are a good analogy for the rigid canons of beauty we’re used to. On the other hand, the fact that the material that forms these bodies is plaster, and not skin and bones, allows it to coexist without controversy in public space, which surely would not happen if these were real bodies.

Elisa Capdevila for Contorno Urbano

This fact for the artist is interesting because it highlights the lack of naturalness with which we still live our own nakedness and nature.

Contorno Urbano keeps working every day to normalize women’s participation in street art projects; art belongs to all of us.

*All photos by Clara Anton*


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