Tim Marsh and Ivesone – Return of the Graffiti Jedi

Barcelona based Dutch artist Ivesone has been living the high life recently, jetting all over the globe to paint and share his art with the world. Ives travels have seen him take in Italy, Aruba, Miami and home town Amsterdam but luckily for us here in BCN he always returns ‘home’ with the urge to make up for lost time and get back to painting our sun soaked streets.

Just a few days after landing Ives was back at the city’s ubiquitous Tres Xemeneies to collaborate on a piece with good friend Tim Marsh . Although good buddies the artists have very different styles and as you might have seen previously on this blog or if you follow me on Instagram, this contrast in styles makes for a very interesting final piece.

The artists went with a Star Wars theme which would have, in my humble opinion worked better with a Painting of the Maltese Falcon since Tim has Maltese heritage but that’s really just something that i’d find humorous more than anything.

Ives tends to favour a layered stencil style spray focusing on faces which has produced this stunningly realistic Princess Leia on one side of the wall with Tim’s geometric style lending itself really nicely to creating a colourful stormtrooper head on the opposite side. A contrast of styles technique wise and a the contrast of good versus evil as well, I wonder if the artists chose their characters on purpose?

All in all a very interesting and fun piece (which garnered a lot of attention on Social media I must add) showcasing both artists different styles of design.

May the street art be with you!


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