Toys Daniel & Mikael Omik – Wednesday wall #57

Toys Daniel & Mikael Omik in Barcelona

Brazilian duo Toys Daniel and Mikael Omik recently spent some time in Barcelona. The duo appear to be on an European tour (seems to be a thing right now) They spent a very productive few days in the city.

I could have featured a plethora of pieces from either artist as they painted NINE different times in their short time here. Like I said, productive! Who wants to see the sights anyway!

I’m not really sure why I chose this piece to share this week. I think possibly because it was the only ‘real’ collaboration they did. That and the fact it’s in my old neighbourhood, just a few minutes from where I used to live.


The location is quite important on this one. This wall is one of a few here that don’t seem to be ‘legal’ but the authorities just leave artists in peace to paint there. I have zero clue how the council/police decide on what to prosecute/buff and what not too… It confuses the hell out of me if I am being honest.

Anyway, this one is in my old hood and actually is quite an unusual place to paint as it’s not a popular spot. I lived there for two years and never saw a single artist paint there, all the pieces popped up overnight. Maybe Toys Daniel and Mikael Omik got a tip off about this place or maybe they just walked by and thought, yep this is the spot. Would be interesting to find out.

The mural

Onto the piece itself, about time I hear you scream. The duo might work together constantly but their work is very different. Toys Daniel creates a wide range of designs, working on characters, writing and geometric textures. On this piece he has went for a playful looking character. This cheeky lil guy is acknowledging Omik’s character with a two fingered salute. I love his little rosy cheeks, maybe he’s a little embarrassed to meet the cute girl in front of him?!

Mickael Omik’s work around Barcelona mostly featured this sweet red haired girl. A lot of his work features female characters, some being quite realistic in style, some more cartoonish. This one falls into the latter category. One of Omik’s other pieces here featured a very similar character called Onika. That piece was called ‘nervous finger’ This character is also flashing a single finger so maybe both characters are just a bit shy?

Both artists are at this years Art AeroRap festival now so if any reader is near Leon, Spain, go and check out there new mural!

Mickael Omik Instagram

Toys Daniel Instagram

ToysOmik Website


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