Treze forever – Street jam in Badia de Valles

Stefano Phen at the Treze Tribute jam.

Another paint jam that took place this summer was a Treze tribute/remembrance event. The event was held in Badia de Valles a short train ride away from Barcelona. It seems to be far easier for artists to arrange walls in these small towns than in the city. And I always enjoy going out to these types of places and finding all this great street art/graffiti.

The event was organised by Zurik, Treze’s partner. Of course Zurik painted on the day. If you check out her Instagram page you will see that she is seriously prolific! And of course it made total sense for her to paint. Her lovely piece for the event was inspired by one of Treze’s sketches.



There were another fifteen creations added to this wall on a this blazing hot day. They featured work from a diverse range of artists including Stefano Phen, Emak and Werens.

As usual with these types of pieces I won’t go into detail about each and every piece as it would take forever to read. However I will make a few notes about the works. Just little things that I like. For example I love the little sketches that can be seen on Urih Petados piece. That same piece includes a stork and a small fox both of which were prominent features in Treze’s work.

Urih Petados & Pintura mural
Urih Petados & Pintura Mural

In fact all the character work gave homage to Treze’s style and use of animals in his pieces. There are cats, foxes and storks at various junctures throughout the wall.

I’ve created a little gallery below with all the pieces and the artists names so that you can check all the works out. This was a really great tribute to an amazing artist and by all accounts great person who we lost way too young.


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