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wallspot travel the wall

Wallspot are launching an open call for the third edition of Travel the Wall. Travel the Wall is an international artistic exchange programme for the users of Wallspot’s platform.

The selected artists will perform interventions on walls managed through Wallspot. The artists will be accompanied by cultural managers from the destination city (Throw Up Gallery in Aberdeen, Rebobinart in Barcelona, McLuc Culture in Parma and Rewriters in Rotterdam).

Katie Guthrie Barcelona
Katie Guthrie (KMG) for Wallspot Travel the Wall, 2018.

This autumn 4 artists will be selected to travel and paint at these locations. It is a unique opportunity to discover a city, meet cultural actors and local artists. Not only that but also publicise the work of Wallspot artists!

C.Gull Katie Guthrie Barcelona
C.Gull & Katie Guthrie (KMG) for Wallspot Travel the Wall, 2018.

I have a real vested interested in this open call as it involves my home town of Aberdeen and the place where I live, Barcelona. Throw in one of my favourite cities in Rotterdam and you have some truly wonderful places to paint.

Last years event worked out quite nicely for me as both Katie Guthrie and C.Gull from Scotland were chosen to paint in Barcelona. Here’s hoping for another Scottish invasion this time around! Also a shoutout to Giorgio (JE73) who came to Barcelona from Parma (via Milan) what a top guy and amazing artist!

JE73 Barcelona
JE73 for Wallspot Travel the Wall, 2018.

For any artists interested in participating in Travel the wall, hit the link below to sign up! Good luck to the winner who’ll get to paint in Aberdeen in November, bring a jacket!


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