Wasp Elder for Urban Vision Fest

Sam Worthington aka Wasp Elder has recently completed his latest mural for the Urban vision fest in Acquadepente in Italy. The  socially engaged British artist was invited to attend the fourth edition of this exciting and dynamic event that features street art, visual mapping, live music and theatre performances.

The British artist is known for painting pictures populated by enigmatic figures and unstressed backgrounds, enticing a sentiment of an obscure journey.

This mural fits that description perfectly and is inspired by a local legend and event known as “Pugnaloni” Legend has it that in 1166 the blossoming of a dry cherry tree inspired the inhabitants of Acquapendente to rebel against the tyranny of Frederick I Barbarossa destroying the symbol of imperial power and freeing the towns people.

Wasp Elder is known for his evocative abstract compositions using photographic references to create each piece. This piece is similar to a film still or still developing polaroid picture with the main protagonists obscured features set against a blurred  backdrop of soft pastel tones.

Wasp Elder: Website / Instagram

Urban Vision Festival: Instagram

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