Wednesday wall #26

I mentioned in a post a few weeks back that I have a real love for seeing graffiti pieces on both shipping containers and vans. So you imagine my excitement when I saw this van parked up in the Poblenou area of Barcelona.

There is a van that I have seen driving around the last few months near my work that I have never had the opportunity to take a few shots of. Even just a few quick mobile phone shots. It’s always on the move or I’m at the wrong side of the road with no time to get across to it. Thankfully this little beauty was easier to shoot as it was just sitting in a random space across from a wall I had gone to check out.


The Romanian owner of the plot of land was very kind and allowed me in to take a few shots of the van, unfortunately he wouldn’t move it so I could get some better ones! The van was painted by mixed media crew members Aryz and GR170 I believe a good few years ago for an event in France. The van has made it’s way down to Barcelona where it lives, temporarily at least in this yard.


The side of the van that was partially blocked by a parked car is unmistakably the work of GR170. His website shows a few pictures of similar trucks so maybe he shares my love for mobile street art. GR170’s side displays his unique character design which is always bursting with colour and humour. It looks like some worms are having a rave here as a skeleton DJ plays tunes and worms wriggle out of the speakers… not a sentence I ever thought I would write.

As I mentioned the opposite side of the van is by Aryz but if it hadn’t been for the tag at the bottom I wouldn’t have said it was immediately apparent that it was his work. It’s slightly different from his street work which often features a male character surrounded by his stand out writing style.


The colour palette on this particular piece is definitely his style full of greens and purple and with stunning use of fades from one area to the next. Instead of a male portrait he has gone for three rather snazzy snakes, all wearing top hats and bow ties whilst casually smoking. So many questions! 

For any interested parties the van is available to purchase for €3000… oh if I had that money going spare!

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

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    1. He’s an artist who’s work I am always excited to see. One of these days i’ll make it to Brizzle, you are on tour guide duty!

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