Wednesday wall #27

It’s more like Wednesday walls plural this week with this massive collaborative jam session style wall from eight resident artists in Barcelona.

Art3sanoMinx FactoryBorneoAruma OchoAle AlonsoIokeLouis DanjouRion and finally Bouits all took part in this painting version of a Sunday session on the streets of Poblenou.

Aruma Ocho

There’s such a wide range of styles all in the melting pot on this wall but if you look closely it all comes together to make the perfect dish. For example you have Art3sano’s caribbean inspired skull & Arum’s Jamaican girl sitting alongside each other. Borneo’s mixed media graphic design inspired piece is placed next to Minx’s ceramic style works.


Further along the wall it get’s just that little bit weirder as you have Ale Alonso’s headless man chilling with a cigarette next to the swamp rock work of Ioke and Danjou’s abstract cat.

Ale Alonso

The last two pieces on the wall are by Rion and Bouits who are both new to me, so much so that I have not actually been able to identify which piece was who’s! An on-going task I won’t give up on. Both these pieces fit the weird going’s on with a family of fingers/worms?? alongside a strange Japanese looking fish with human facial features…

Great to see a big group of artists get together to spend a day painting and really interesting to see how their various different styles mesh so well together on the wall.

Minx Factory
Louis Danjou




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