Wednesday wall #30

There was an underwater theme on this wall a few weeks back, I already shared the work of Pit and his funny hammer head skarks and now it’s the turn of Arteaga Manuel  AKA Suel Art. This piece was positioned next to the sharks and is quite the juxtaposition in style.

Whilst Pit’s piece was cartoonish and humorous, Suel’s work has more of a fine art feel to it. I don’t know much about Suel and this was the first time I had seen his work on the streets but it’s one helluva first impression.

The orca in this piece has been painted beautifully, flowing through the sea gracefully. The various tones of blue used add so much depth to the wall, it’s almost like you really are underwater watching her swim past.

The highlight however has to be the sunshine bursting through the sea line at the top. Those beams of light zooming past the orca adding to the overall majesty of the creature.

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