Wednesday wall #31

It’s a Wednesday wall with a slight difference this week as for once I actually had the time and opportunity to go out with an artist as he created his latest works.

I joined good friend, Illustrator and tattoo artist As rude as possible (and his friend Yatu, more on him soon) on a mini road trip to an abandoned factory I knew of outside of the city.

It was only the second time ARAP had found the time to paint in 2018 but I guess you don’t lose the feel for a can that easily as he whipped up this piece in just a few hours.

The wall is of one of ARAP’s characters who in quite the contrast to the artist looks pretty fed up holding that spray can. ARAP does a lot of weed related illustration work so maybe his character has just smoked a little too much and is finding focussing a little difficult.

To the side of the character is ARAP’s tag which has a fun relaxed cartoonish feel to it. The blues and yellows are a nice colour combination and the three different tones of blue in the RUDE give off an oceanic vibe.

A simple clean piece that seemed to be the springboard for ARAP to get back to the streets on a more regular basis. After an eight month break he’s painted two pieces in a matter of weeks, I for one am glad to have him back.


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