Wednesday wall #32

Anna Marietta at Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona.

Puerto Rican street artist Ana Marie paid a short visit to Barcelona recently and whilst here painted this incredible mural of a what I think is an emperor penguin.

The artist who is based in the US has painted murals all over the globe in recent years but to the best of my knowledge this is her first ever piece in Barcelona. 

The theme of Ana’s work seems to be hyper-realistic animals but with a surreal twist. A piece in Brick Lane, London for example, had fish devouring gannet’s in a reversal of roles.

Ana Marietta at Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona.
Ana Marietta at Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona.

This piece is a little more straightforward however featuring just the penguin on a striking black background. Despite the less surreal nature of the piece it’s still visually stunning. The penguin looks incredible, a lovely mixture of light and dark greys that contrast beautifully against the black background.

The box like structure that Ana painted on has become increasingly popular in recent months and the piece does looks great there. The only problem is that the structure is not one of the walls that Wallspot run so the council tend to buff the pieces pretty quickly.

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