Wednesday wall #33

Wouter Van Foose at Drassanes in Barcelona.

Dutch artist Wouter van Foose has recently made the move to Barcelona to continue his art studies and has dived straight in to the street art scene here.

From checking the artists Instagram page I think he made the move around August time and from my reckoning he’s done five walls since he arrived.

Wouter Van Foose at Drassanes in Barcelona.
Wouter Van Foose at Drassanes in Barcelona.

Looking back at Wouter’s previous work he paints a mix of animals and every day objects, like Iron’s for example. For this wall Wouter has continued this theme with two colourful ornate 3D blankets. It’s an exceptional skill to paint in this style, the blankets are sitting as if something is underneath propping them up. The folds and creases on each blanket are really quite remarkable.

Yet another new artist blowing my mind in Barcelona!

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