Wednesday wall #37

El Joel in Poblenou, Barcelona 2018.

I’ve said it more than once in this column, I don’t give enough love to the huge graffiti scene in Barcelona. There are so many writers based in the city, a lot of whom are creating amazing pieces on a  daily basis.

When I first started out here I admittedly focussed on finding out all about the ‘street artists’. Now three years in it’s actually quite embarrassing to say that I don’t know enough about the graff scene itself here.

Followers of my Instagram may have noticed that I am featuring more ‘burners’ on my daily stories. This is my way of trying to share what’s out there whilst simultaneously trying to learn who’s who.

El Joel in Poblenou, Barcelona 2018.
El Joel in Poblenou, Barcelona 2018.

One artist who’s caught my attention recently is El Joel. Joel is part of the NBA crew and I’ve been seeing his work more and more of late.

I really struggle to read tags a lot of the time but I can read his very easily. I don’t mean that in a negative way, I love how Joel’s pieces looks so intricate and clean but also readable. On this particular piece the gold 3D effect positively makes the lettering pop from the wall. The use of green and purple is always a winner in my book also.

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    1. I can feel my tastes changing. Not just with burners but with art of all types. But the last few weeks especially I have been more drawn to the writing I see on the streets. Now just to learn everyone’s name!

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