Wednesday wall #39

Decay in Barcelona, 2018.

I am dedicating this Wednesday wall to fellow street art blogger, Bristolian Scooj. Scooj runs the Natural Adventures site that details in great depth the street art scene in Bristol.

The reason I am dedicating this post to him? Well that’s because this weeks wall is by another Bristol resident… Decay

Decay in Barcelona, 2018.
Decay in Barcelona, 2018.

Graffiti artists do holidays a little different to regular people. The holiday of an artist tends to involve more painting than touristy things! Case in point, Decay painting this piece at the famous Tres Xemenenies.

As you can see it was a little wet so maybe that hindered Decay painting more than just the one effort. Anyway, we still got one and its a real stand out. This particular piece looks as if the flower at the centre has bloomed and sprayed out the Bristol to BCN bubbles at either side. Also, as Scooj has mentioned recently, those drips are expert level!

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday wall #39

  1. Hey, thanks for that. Decay is a brilliant artist, originally from Cheltenham. He was the first artist I met a few years ago when I started blogging, and is a really nice chap. This piece is typical of his work that is really quite unique. Nice post.

    1. Yeah most definitely. I like those artists who’s work you can tell straight away as it’s so specific to them. At the same time they are always tweaking things so it never looks the same despite it being very obviously them. That’s a great skill.

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