Wednesday wall #41

Emak in Poblenou, Barcelona 2018.

I’m pretty sure I have featured the work of Emak before. If I haven’t then shame on me as he is one of Barcelona’s best and most inventive writers. I’ve explained to you before that I sometimes don’t ‘get’ burners. My tastes are slowly changing however and that’s down to artists like Emak. 

Simply put this is just a fantastic piece of lettering. Sometimes Emak adds characters to his work but he’s kept it simple this time. I say simple but this is anything but. I just cannot wrap my head around how he has made this to be honest.

There’s a real futuristic feel to the piece, a little like the Babs and Mediah pieces I shared recently. The colours are super vibrant and really jump out of the wall. It really does feel as if the letters have taken the form of a space ship and are hurtling across the wall.

Also, if you are interested, I found this video of Emak at work on Youtube, it’s pretty cool to see the process of his creations.

Emak in Poblenou, Barcelona 2018.
Emak in Poblenou, Barcelona 2018.

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