Wednesday wall #43

Dilk1 in Barcelona.

It’s always nice when you meet an artist who’s work you like and they turn out to be super nice. Case in point, I met the wonderful Dilk1 whilst he was on his annual visit to Barcelona late last year.

I had seen on Dilk’s IG story that he was working on a piece at the famous Tres Xemeneies spot. Of course I got myself down there first thing in the morning to check it out before it was buffed. To my great surprise and delight he was already there working away finishing the piece.

Obviously due to there being no language barrier I was able to chat to him and his lovely lady Sylvie about Barcelona, the scene in Nottingham and just life in general. It was a really interesting and enlightening conversation in all honesty.

Dilk1 in Barcelona.
Dilk1 in Barcelona.

I love how quickly he managed to whip this piece up. It looked so effortless although I’m sure that’s not the case. The intricacy of the lettering and all the little touches and paint splashes would definitely disprove that comment.

One cool thing about the morning was how many people were painting at Tres. It’s something that definitely intrigued Dilk as there must have been another nine or ten artists working away in the Tuesday sun. Yep that’s correct, it was a Tuesday. Everyday is a painting day here!

Dilk1 in Barcelona.
Dilk1 in Barcelona.

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