Wednesday wall #45

Apologies in advance for the quality of photos in this week’s column. There really isn’t a great deal of room to step back and shoot this particular wall. I could really do with a wide angle lens… if any one wants to sponsor me one ya know, that would be lovely!

So sadly this piece by the ever excellent Voyder has not quite been done justice. Maybe he should come to Barcelona and pick an easier wall for me in the near future!

Voyder in Shoreditch, London, January 2019.

Now that I’m done blaming the artist for my first world photography problems I’ll move on. I actually feel quite fortunate to have seen this one as I had already visited brick lane et all once and I planned on going to Penge on this particular day. Thankfully laziness got the better of me, cos you know, London is enormous. So I headed back to Shoreditch to check out some things I had missed on the first visit. Imagine my surprise when I walked towards the community gardens and saw Voyder´s super fresh neon gooey lettering. This wall was only a day old, how good is that for timing!

The main word I think of when looking at this piece is – filth. The neon colours, the style, those drips, uh those drips. It`s like the juice from the dirtiest of burgers dripping out of the bun. I need more of this in my life. And a burger. And a wide angle lens. Feel free to send me these things!

Voyder in Shoreditch, London, January 2019.

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