Wednesday wall #46

Danny Rumbl in Barcelona, 2018.

This week´s Wednesday wall was a bit of a surprise find. The Wallspot run Forum beach is a really cool spot but it´s pretty out of the way. So despite my best intentions I don´t make it down there all that often. I did think I had been there semi recently but clearly It’s been longer than I realised since I last visited. 

Danny Rumbl was last in Barcelona in October 2018 so there is all the proof you need that I´ve not been to on it when it comes to getting down there! Another thing, To come across this wall four months later is pretty flabbergasting to be honest. As I have told you all on many occasions, pieces don´t last days in Barcelona never mind months.

Danny Rumbl in Barcelona, 2018.

I looked up Danny’s IG account whilst writing this post and he hasn’t actually shared a pic of this one. Annoyingly that means I’m not actually able to identify the characters he’s painted. I know they are from Hanna Barbera but that is all I know. Danny is painting a huge series of characters from the Hanna Barbera catalogue and I believe is planning on doing a book with all his work. Really looking forward to seeing that quite honestly.

I’m not 100% sure how to describe Danny’s style of work. It’s certainly unique and not like any other artist I know of. His characters are often lying horizontally instead of the standard front facing pose. I’m hoping to interview Danny soon so maybe I’ll find out the reason there.


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