Wednesday wall #47

Truck by Berol in Barcelona.

Wednesday wall with a slight difference this week. That slight difference being that this wall has wheels and isn´t really a wall! I´ve told you all before that I am a total sucker for street art/graffiti on trucks and vans. Well, Mexican artist Berol has absolutely nailed this three sided piece on a truck that I found parked up in my barrio.

Truck by Berol in Barcelona.

Annoyingly due to the tight streets here in Barna I struggled to get some good shots and I´ve not seen the van parked up in a better spot. I have seen it on the move quite a few times but moving far too fast for my hands!

For this van Berol has created a giant Octopus on one side, tentacles sprawling all the way over the front cab. It kinda looks like it´s trying to get to the driver what with his wild eyes! The back of the van features a really angry looking orange Koi. And the street side is of a whale and an octopus having a bit of a scrap. I get the feeling Berol was in a bad mood when he painted this!

I often wonder how these types of commissions come about. As in how has the van owner found out about Berol´s work or how Berol came to find a blank van with a willing owner. Either way I love getting to see this street art on the move every couple of days in my neighbourhood. Maybe one day I´ll be quick enough to snap it on the move.

Truck by Berol in Barcelona.

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    1. Hopefully I will find it again soon for some better shots. There´s another one driving around that I have never seen parked up that looks AMAZING. One day I will find it!

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