Wednesday wall #49

Ivesone at Avocado BCN

I think this week’s Wednesday wall is maybe cheating a little bit. It’s not quite a wall for a start, as it’s a three piece door way. Close enough though right?! And it’s on the street so I’m pretty sure that it falls under whatever rules I gave this column 49 weeks ago. No I’m not going back to check on what rules I made, you’ll just have to believe me!

To be honest this is also some shameless self publicity for myself and Ives as this ‘wall’ is part of one of our street art projects. One of my jobs here in Barcelona is to find shops, restaurants and/or bars who would like an artist to paint their shutter or internal walls etc. etc.

Ivesone at Avocado BCN.

For this particular project I reached out to a really great vegan restaurant (Avocado) which is pretty close to my flat. Thankfully for us the restaurant owner (Hazael) was more than keen to get some work done on the doors. Ives came up with a few ideas on Saturday, Hazael chose one on Sunday and we started work on Monday! Who says nothing happens quickly in Spain!

Ivesone at Avocado BCN.

As Avocado is all about healthy street food it made sense to design something around nature. Over the three shutters Ives created a sprawling green jungle. The left hand shutter is of a very colourful parrot.

Ivesone at Avocado BCN.

The middle shutter is of a very chilled looking monkey, eating an avocado, of course! The final shutter features a Toucan which are native to Hazael´s home country of Venezuela.

Ivesone at Avocado BCN.

Both Ives and myself are really happy with the final ´wall´but most importantly Hazael and the staff at Avocado were even happier. Also seeing passer by´s react with a smile or stop to take a photo always makes me feel like we (Ives really) are doing something positive.

Ivesone at Avocado BCN.

If any of you lovely readers are ever in Barcelona and feel like eating some super nice, super fresh food, be sure to head to Avocado and have a bite. If you mention you know me, he might give you discount… or he might send me an angry whatsapp for saying that!

Ivesone at Avocado BCN. Ivesone at Avocado BCN.


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