Wednesday wall #50

Host at Tres Xemeneies Barcelona.

I have very little clue where Host is from (Brazil or Portugal is my best guess) but I’ve been seeing his work on the streets for a minute now. I wouldn’t say he was prolific so I’m not 100% sure if he is based here full time or not.

Anyway there is something about Host’s work that really catches my eye. Maybe it’s because I’m god awful at reading tags and his is easy to decipher? That really could be the answer to be honest.

Host at Tres Xemeneies Barcelona.

Nah, it’s more than that, let’s be fair. There is something really enjoyable about Host’s writing style. It’s really colourful and just fun to look at. It’s really easy on the eye I think. I also really like lettering that has structured blocks of colour throughout each letter. So with this one it starts off yellow at the top and ends up black at the bottom via pink and red. It’s like those tubs of Neapolitan ice cream! One thing is that the leaves surrounding the lettering look like the work of another artist. I can’t tell if Host covered her piece but liked the leaves so incorporated them. Or if his leaves are simply similar to her’s.

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday wall #50

  1. I would think that the leaves and the little white decorations are the work of Host. Writers embellish their work like this. Nice piece and as you say, easy on the eye.

    1. The only reason I thought otherwise is that there is a female artist by the name of Amaia here who paints the EXACT same style leaves. And she often paints on that particular wall. I’m never 100% sure here!

        1. Possibly… I couldn’t see her tag anywhere however. But it’s quite possible that you are correct and it’s Host’s work.

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