Wednesday wall #51

Dogz Art in Barcelona

French artist Dogz has been on a bit of a tear in Barcelona recently. I assume he is relatively new to the city as I don’t remember seeing his work before the start of the year. By my count he has done 14 walls since February. Talk about throwing yourself into the scene!

This particular piece is probably my favourite of Dogz works that I’ve come across to date. It’s a portrait of the rapper Snoop Dogg and it has a really nice cartoon feel to it. Snoop has so many business ventures, there’s surely a Snoop cartoon out there somewhere.

A bit like the Zon’s Madrid piece from yesterday this is a free-handed mural that looks very much like stencil work. I especially like the red outline, it really adds something to the wall, makes it pop a little more maybe.

One last thing about this wall, Dogz was stopped, fined and moved on by the police whilst painting. This wall is part of a legal spot ran by Wallspot so the police are not allowed to do this. I don’t know what pissed them off so much that day but it does seem semi appropriate that it was a portrait of Snoop that got Dogz fined!

Dogz Art in Barcelona

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