Wednesday wall #52

Hech Uno full wall in Barcelona

It’s been too long since I’ve done a Wednesday wall. I actually just checked and incredibly I haven’t done one since March! That is some shoddy work on my part!

Let’s rectify that unacceptable effort with this banger from Hech Uno. Hech is part of the CE2 Crew and hails from Calpulalpan in Mexico.

As with all of the artists on my round up post on Monday, this is the first time I am sharing the work of Hech Uno. Checking Hech’s Instagram page he appears to be on a bit of a European painting tour. He participated in Loures Arte Publica near Lisbon recently and it looks like he plans on hitting Germany, France and the UK too. I don’t know how many of my readers have been to Lisbon but I most definitely recommend you leave the city even for just a day to see some of the works created for Loures Arte Publica.

Detailed shot of Hech Uno's work in Barcelona

To the best of my knowledge Hech Uno only painted the one wall during his time in Barcelona. If you only have time for one wall, best to make it pretty sick right? This neon 80’s inspired piece most certainly ticks that box.

It would appear that Hech created this piece for the recent Meeting of Styles event that was held in Barcelona. The artist was the only one to paint at this specific location for the event as all the artists on the bill painted at one of the three available locations. On a side note, I’ll do a MOS round up very soon. I have a few things I want to ask about the Barcelona edition.

There is something very immediate about this piece. I really like how the various shades of blue contrast against the black background. It has a real 80’s movie/tv show poster vibe. Whilst out on Saturday I saw some posters for the Netflix show, Stranger Things. These posters reminded me immediately of this piece, all neon colours and striking asymmetrical lines. Really cool work. If you are in the UK, France or Germany keep an eye out for this guys work!

Extreme close up of the characters face.


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  1. Having difficulty with the like button on your site and with the comments box. I have to register every time I want to leave a comment.

    This is a nice piece from an artist I’ve never heard of. I wonder if Bristol is on his itinerary.

    1. That’s odd. I will look into that! Yeah he’s not given much away on his IG as to final locations. If he’s going to the UK I’d say London and Bristol would be the two big faves to visit.

      1. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Managed to like your stuff and leave comments today just fine through my phone app. I struggled using my iPad safari browser.

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