Wednesday wall of fame #11

As you can see I’m not sticking to the wall of fame subject all that well and I’m more just picking random pieces from random walls instead of a popular legal spot. Guess that’s the privilege of being in charge of the blog, I can make it up as I go along.

This weeks wall is a four way collaborative effort by local artists Absure 2000CangasaurioAnton Seoane and calligraphy master Mugraff. The wall is in a bit of a weird location which was completely unknown to me until pics started popping up on social media of the work in progress. It’s out to the north of Barcelona and very uphill which certainly got me sweating heading up to it on what was a rather warm spring day.

You can take the Scotsman out of Scotland or something like that.

The piece itself is of a badass looking witch complete with broomstick and black cat, standard issue witch accessories. There is also a really incredible looking owl to the right of the witch. I really love the colour tones used on the owl but especially the eyes.

I’m not actually sure of which artist did what exact piece of the witch, owl and cat as all they are a blend of each artists style. It would appear to be a proper collaborative effort.

The whole piece is also surrounded by Mugraff’s lettering which adds even more depth to an already fantastic piece. For good measure Mugraff has also added his lettering to the whole ground area below and alongside the piece… this is exactly why I need a drone.



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