Wednesday wall of fame #14

There’s a bit of a cool story to this piece by Are Two at Barcelona’s famous Tres Xemeneies legal spot.

So the artist had arrived at the spot one evening to check out where he wanted to paint the following day and saw that someone had added a really lame tag to the epic Saturn/Erase/Blanxer wall that I posted ages ago. Knowing that he didn’t want to go over the full piece (no one has tried that yet two months on) he decided to tag over the tag and restore the piece as best possible with his own work. A really bold move but one that I as an art lover really appreciated and I saw on social media that other artists around the city (including Saturno) really appreciated also.

The piece itself is a tribute to his grandmother and has one of Are’s distinctive one eyed characters resting on a blanket floating in the clouds.

A really nice tribute to his late grandmother and also nice to see some respect in the streets when it comes to tagging peoples work.




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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

One thought on “Wednesday wall of fame #14

  1. Know the wall and love the new piece. It takes courage to cover other people’s work, but it needs to be done sometimes to breath new life into a wall.

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