Wednesday wall of fame #15

French artist Lele recently paid a visit to Barcelona and I can imagine from his productivity on the streets that he didn’t see a lot of the tourist attractions!

Lele is yet another artist who’s work I was unaware of until it popped up on my Instagram screen one evening. The next night after work I set out to see the piece I had seen online and came across three others adorning walls in the same area.

I then found the small skull at the bottom of the page on my weekend work round Poblenou. Actually that was a spot of luck as it was in an area I go to a bit less these days and only visited as I really wanted to see a future Wednesday wall piece that had appeared up that week.

Lele seems to like skulls and gorillas, all five pieces feature one or both of that specific combo. I’m sure the excellent blogger Scooj would be a fan of these pieces, especially the main piece with the gorilla rocking some pretty fine hair. If Elvis was a gorilla.

At first my favourite piece was the shattered skateboard that’s also a floating skull, I think it’s a really inventive interesting piece but the purple gorilla with the third eye open really grey on me the more I stood looking at it.  I really like the textures around all three eyes, they really are incredibly detailed. The purple also helps.

Lele was only here for a few days but he left us a lot of great pieces in that short time and fingers crossed we’ll see more of him in Barcelona in the near future.





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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday wall of fame #15

  1. You are of course right, I love these gorillas. Thanks for the link.

    He did a piece at Upfest last year of…a gorilla. I hope he returns this year.

    1. On first look I wasn’t that impressed but when I actually saw them in person I changed my opinion very quickly. Really nice work

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