Wednesday wall of fame #16

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the work of Ru8icon1 on the streets of Barcelona as the artist has been incredibly busy painting up a storm in the states, mainly New Jersey and Philadelphia. I actually think he might split his time equally between Philly and Barna which is maybe why he’s here a little less than when I first started hitting the streets.

This piece is located in an area known as Can Ricart in the city’s Poblenou barrio. It’s a spot I’ve visited a little less frequently the last few months as not too much seemed to be going on. Seeing this piece has brought Can Ricart back onto my regular route however.

The piece itself is pretty special to be honest. It’s of a fragmented 50 Dollar bill with a black female character in place of Ulysses S. Grant. The character has tears streaming down her face with her hand protectively on her neck. Some really powerful stuff. I always find these fragmented or glitched pieces really interesting, I think it shows some really great creativity to come up with and paint in such a manner.

It’s always those little details that I love seeing and think makes pieces that little more special. In this instance my favourite is how Ru8icon has managed to get his name into the serial number on the top left of the bill. A really wonderful piece of work.




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