Wednesday wall of fame #17

This weeks Wednesday wall is a bit different in that it’s in one of my least visited locations within Barcelona and it’s one of those spots I generally only go when I specifically know there is something I want to see there instead of just taking my chances. Plus the last time I was there I encountered an extremely grumpy wasp who sent me packing very quickly! 

The piece is by Dutch artist and a good friend of mine Ives One and is situated at the top of a path near some football pitches at the base of Montjuic hill. There is a small wall just a few minutes walk from this wall that’s a regular spot for some writers and crews but maybe only two or three times a year do I venture up to see what’s going on. I don’t really have a reason for this actually, I can’t even put it down to laziness as I walk everywhere else. Maybe subconsciously the wasp is putting me off!

This piece is a bit of a nightmare to photo as the ground below really only has enough room for someone to stand and paint, it doesn’t go far enough back to take a good photo. It’s not really all that possible to shoot from street level either due to the amount of trees and bushes in the way. So I had to sort of lean against and half over a wooden fence to try and get the shot. Thanks Ives for giving me the easy life!

The old school train bomber in Ives still burns as he did this piece through two separate nights in May on what is technically an illegal spot. As with a lot of Ives work these days he used a roller to paint the piece, good for getting way up high but also shows incredible skill to paint so detailed from so far away. Having seen Ives paint with the ‘stick’ before I know how tiring it is also.

The grating on the wall also makes for an interesting addition, making it look like the eyes of the character have been blacked out or covered. Knowing Ives that would have been thought out in advance and not just when he turned up. There is a real story to the piece, it’s not just a random face but more a social comment on the various refugee crises we see on the news each day.

A very interesting piece that in such an awkward location should remain on the wall for a long time to come.



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