Wednesday wall of fame #19

This week’s wall of fame is another that doesn’t quite fit the description but due to how good it is and how unexpected a find it was, it fits into what I am trying to do with the column. Plus, my blog my rules right?

This three part wall is by local artist 2000nce and is based in a pretty unexpected location. So, how I found this wall was actually due to my own ego, which is generally small but I have my moments. I was doing my usual city centre photography route and had just left Tres Xemeneies on my way to another small park a few minutes walk away when I decided to check to see if one of my own pieces was still in existence.

The illegal spray I had done a year or so ago was still on the side door way of a local council/culture centre and whilst walking past the main door I turned to see what was going on inside and there in the background was this piece looking back at me.

For whatever reason seeing the piece didn’t really register properly at the time but a few weeks later I was walking past with Ives One and I caught the piece again and this time we went in to ask if we could see the piece and take some shots. Thankfully the lady at the front desk was in a good mood and allowed us through to this courtyard area.

The setting just seems perfect for 2000nce’s style, maybe due to the thin long walls or maybe the contrast of the brick above the painted wall. The pieces are in the artists usual abstract style with perfectly formed shapes coming together to create what I assume his name and not just random shapes. Although maybe he just freestyles and comes up with a design that doesn’t really mean anything as such. I’m not sure which is more interesting to be honest, I like the idea of both.

I’m pretty sure that not too many people will have seen this piece which is a shame but on the other hand sitting in this location means the piece should be a rare permanent mural in Barcelona.




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