Wednesday wall of fame #2

For this week’s Wednesday wall I have chosen a collaborative piece from Mr Oner and Chesone.

The reason I have chosen this piece is simple, I love Batman. I loved the Lego Batman film and I love these two artists work.

I am a huge fan of Mr Oner’s writing technique, his burners are one of the few that I genuinely always like. I really like how the letters hide behind each other and you have the same letters in various places, like the front part is hiding 2 or 3 other versions of the name. It’s just really good looking writing.

To the left of the writing, complete with bat signal (with Ches and Oner’s names) is the Lego Batman character. Surrounded by moody blue light and with that goofy look on his face it’s yet another really fun piece which made me smile a lot as I turned the corner and saw it from across the street. More of this type of work please!


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