Wednesday wall of fame #21

This is what the legal walls are all about… massive, insanely good pieces by artists like¬†Juanjo Surace. This piece is called “smile, you are being watched” and is still standing two weeks after first appearing on the wall. Pretty good going in the fast paced movement here.

I am personally a huge fan of Jaunjo’s work although he doesn’t really paint on the streets all that much. I think from memory this is only the fourth street piece I have seen of his but all four have been epically good.

Juanjo’s art is instantly recognisable without ever looking the same or stale, the characters and scenes always have enough changes to keep them looking fresh. This particular wall features a pretty creepy looking character lounging casually in a dim looking room, that looks a little like a prison cell. There is a security camera pointing directly at the character who in return is responding with a HUGE smile to match the louche pose.

One thing about the character that I can’t quite figure out is if it actually has skin or not. It looks like he/she/it has been turned inside out as the bones and ligaments are really predominant but at the same time there’s no organs on show. Maybe the characters skin is just almost translucent in colour. Either way this is one helluva wall!





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