Wednesday wall of fame #22

It’s a double header for this week’s Wednesday wall with these two pieces by the rat kid herself Glitter riot. Glitter Riot is part of the fast drips crew and is I guess what you’d call a proper graffiti artist, you are just as likely to find her work on a train or in an underground tunnel as you are a wall. 

Due to my lack of balls to get into the underground train system of an evening these pieces are both of the wall variety. They both popped up at around the same time, one is a legal piece but the other, on the shutter I am guessing is illegal and was a late night venture.

The thing I like most about Glitter Riot’s work is that it gives the vibe of someone just having fun. I mean she must be serious about it as she paints ALL the time but all her pieces have a really colourful, humorous & no fucks given vibe to them.

Both these pieces fit that description and they both focus on a single subject matter…pussy. The header piece has a cat’s head with little love heart pill in plastic baggie, a nice take on drug buying/selling culture. The shutter piece depicting a cat’s head on a plate with a fork n knife sticking out of the top with the “Eat more pussy” quote down the side. Both are just fun irrelevant pieces that brighten up any wall and give you something to smile about.

Maybe one day I’ll share some of the more underground pieces if I fancy a late night run through the metro system!

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