Wednesday wall of fame #23

It’s Wednesday wall time and this week I am delighted to share this exquisite piece from SAV45. I mentioned in a previous piece that I was up about an hour north of Barcelona recently and since I am rubbish at relaxing and sitting around the pool I spent a good few hours exploring somewhere new. 

Now I did cheat to find this piece as SAV gave me the directions to it before I set off otherwise I would have been very fortunate to find it. Does that lose me street art hunter credibility points?

SAV had quite a lot of these types of pieces in that area and quite a few collaboration walls too so I am wondering if he is an honorary member of a crew up there. Or maybe he’s not good at the whole relaxing on holiday thing either.


This mural is situated in a cul de sac on an electricity sub station and is instantly recognisable as SAV’s work. SAV favours portrait pieces of characters that have the feel of Roman or Greek characters. They generally make me think of busts that you would see on a plinth in a museum. The swirling lines and flashes of colour give off a washed watery feel to the wall. I’m not sure how SAV went about creating this piece, he is a fan of the brush and roller for some of his larger pieces but with this one being a little smaller he possibly went for his plan B… two fat caps and finish the piece in an hour!



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