Wednesday wall of fame #24

This Wednesday we go back to the retro-future with Claudio Dre’s legal piece in Poble Nou. Claudio has been on fire recently and this one is a kind of hypnotic geometric mind storm that has a Dark Side of the Moon techno remix vibe, if that makes any sense?

Like the Arson burner from a couple weeks back this one got me on the green electrical storm vibe, and sorry, I know, I possibly have a green electrical storm fetish, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

I really liked the attention to detail with the shading on the spheres and the intricate 3D effect. Combined with the ominous deep space background you got the feeling you could just walk into it and find yourself in another universe.

One interesting thing about this piece which tells a story about the ephemeral scene here in Barna. I saw Claudio adding the finishing touches to the piece early on a Sunday morning and came back maybe an hour or so later to get my shot. A mere three hours later on Instagram I saw a different artist videoing himself start a new piece on his IG story. The piece he was covering… yep you guessed it, Claudio’s barely finished electrical storm.

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