Wednesday wall of fame #25

I love this piece by Lucho Garcia Vargas aka Desde Unarbol as it’s just surreal fun. A snake winding its way around a hollowed-out skull might have most people thinking horror more than happiness but the whole piece just has a chilled happy feel to it.

It’s full of creativity with a third eye symbol on the baseball cap, death, snakes and even a jungle vine beard, which I didn’t even catch at first. Hanging my bearded face in shame at that. 

A playful bit of street art that has plenty of humour to make passers-by smile, and wonder if their morning coffee might have been spiked, while if you like to chin stroke and muse over symbolism then there is plenty to muse and chin stroke over here.

Oh and one last thing, I was just saying in the Berlin post yesterday that I feel like I am very knowledgable about the street art scene here… right on cue I share a piece with an artist who I literally only found out about when seeing this wall. Every day is a school day!

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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday wall of fame #25

  1. Very nice piece, and I agree every day is a school day. I met an artist today in Bristol from London but originally from Hungary. H3cwas telling me about all the Hungarian artists in Bristol.

    1. That’s quite interesting, these small pockets of ex-pats who find each other in the same city and bring their style of art to a new place.

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