Wednesday wall of fame #4

This weeks Wednesday wall was an easy choice… I mean just look at it, it’s a beast! This is what legal walls should look like!

The wall is a collaborative effort by the trifecta of EraseSaturno and Cristian Blanxer.

Bulgarian artist Erase is one of those artists who’s work I feel I know but in reality I’ve only ever seen it on social media.

Erase was visiting Barcelona for a private commission painting some office space but luckily for us found the time before he flew out to link with Saturno and christian to create this masterpiece.

Like Erase, Saturno is one of my favourite artists but as he spends so much time in the US I rarely get to see any of his work other than on social media. I think this is just the third piece I have seen physically on a wall. Cristian is another artist who I’m a huge fan of, although he paints a little more regularly round Barcelona it’s nice to see him link up with two artists with very different styles to his.

The piece utilised the biggest wall at the popular Tres Xemenenies (three chimneys) and truly shows the talent these three artist have. Erase’s side of the wall is this crazed cartoon-ish mad scientist octopus creature concocting something with a green mixture and a spray can. I feel like this is his take on the three artists working together, three mad scientists bringing different things to mixture.


Saturno worked on the middle part of the wall and created this horrifying multi-eyed monster. I did try and count the eyes but kept losing count as they are absolutely everywhere! The use of colours, shading, light and just the small easily overlooked details on this piece are simply incredible, it’s just so realistic. These types of monsters are Saturno’s bread and butter but every time I re-look at one of his pieces I always spot something I missed on the last look, a real testament to his skills as an artist.


Unlike the other two, Cristian doesn’t specialise in cartoon-ish monsters but his hyper-realistic piece of a female character still somehow blends in perfectly with the piece despite the difference in styles. With the characters hand in such a position Cristian has made it look like she is conducting the whole scene unfolding in front of us. Maybe she is the puppet master of these monsters or maybe it’s just a bad dream or even a good dream depending on your perspective.

A really fantastic wall from three artists that I hope to see collaborate together again one day!



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    1. Well thank you very much for the kind words good sir, I truly appreciate that. You got a good day for the piece even if the time of day wasn’t quite perfect, some really cracking sun drenched shots.

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