Wednesday wall of fame #6

It’s a double header on this week’s Wednesday wall mainly because I found two Japon pieces the same morning and I couldn’t pick one and leave the other so I’m sharing both!

I’m not a big burner guy, I think I’ve said this before, some I like, some I don’t, but having watched writers create from start to finish I 100% respect the process and skills these artists have whether I like the finished piece or not.

One writer who’s work I like every single time I see it is the aforementioned Japon. Japon is a bit of a legend in the graffiti game here, I think he’s been around since the 90’s creating his magic on trains and walls.

There’s just something about his style that stops me in my tracks to have a longer look. It’s extremely colourful for a start, each piece with 3 or more tones to it, top middle and bottom with little drips and splooshes dotted around. Also the writing itself is very inventive and challenging, very different from anything else I see here, it definitely makes you look long and hard to figure out what it says.

These two pieces are both very colourful and fun, the first one has his crew name VLOK squeezed into the balloon like letter J and 2018 busting out of the N. This one also has a cheeky little character running from the piece or the graffiti police maybe.

The second piece doesn’t have a character attached but is no less fun and although it’s a similar style of work the JAPON is written in a totally different manner from the first piece. I really like how the P and O interlock in this second piece, really creative work.

Always great to see Japon’s work in the streets and here’s to him changing my opinion one burner at a time!


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