Wednesday wall of fame #7

I’m a little unsure if this week’s Wednesday wall should qualify as a wall of fame as I’m not 100% on the deal with this wall. It’s a pretty popular wall albeit a bit out of the way and I’ve seen plenty of artists paint there but I’ve no idea if any particular organisation runs the wall or if it’s one that the local authorities just turn a blind eye too.

Although I’ve visited this area plenty in the past it’s not on my regular route so I maybe only pop up once or twice a month to see what’s going on. If this is the quality of the work happening up there then I might have to make my visits more regular.

This piece is a collaborative effort between Bublegum and Signs by Oner. Both these guys are part of the HAM crew and are both pretty prolific on the street. I don’t know a great deal about Bublegum despite seeing so much of his work in my time here in Barcelona. He specialises in hyper-realistic portrait style work so as you can guess his part of the wall is the hissing cat. As with so much, if not of all his work the attention to detail is incredible and he has made this cat look almost photo realistic. When you zoom in and look at it up close the shading and textures really are on a different level.

Signs by Oner or Mr Oner as he is also known has provided the writing part of this. I’m a fan of Oner’s graffiti writing, he has a very nice chunky style that I really enjoy seeing, although in recent times he seems to be moving away from that and focusing on more calligraphy style writing like on this piece. The 3D word says ‘Primavera’ the Spanish word for spring and is definitely inspired by the recent weather here (it’s pouring rain as I type this) I really like the shade of green used and how Oner has made the word pop out of the wall in line with the cat.

A really great collab and hopefully I’ll find much more like this on my more regular visits to this wall in the future.


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