Wednesday wall of fame #8

After a one week hiatus due to my lack of ability to be organised, Wednesday walls makes a welcome return. This week is a bit of a random wall and a lucky find in all honesty.

So essentially on my various walks around Barcelona there’s always building works going on and fences covering abandoned areas. Some are easy to get into, some not so much. This is a spot that’s been heavily fenced off for years but a few weeks back there was enough of the fence bent back that it just seemed rude not to at least pop my head in and have a peek.

As you can see this was sound judgement on my part as I found this little piece by the excellent Spanish artist Ruben Sanchez. Judging by the condition it’s in I’m guessing it’s a bit of an old piece but it’s still in good enough nick.

I’m pretty sure, after a quick scan of IG, that the piece is called ‘cosmic breakfast’ and that would seem like a very apt title what with the colourful bearded character’s morning coffee shooting rainbow style into a hole in his head. Or is it the other way round?

This piece could have been lost forever so I’m very glad that I walked past the area that morning and was able to capture the wall before it’s inevitably turned into a hotel or un-affordable housing.


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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday wall of fame #8

  1. Nice post, and it reminds me that I have a host of ‘lost’ pieces from the centre of Bristol that I still haven’t published. Oh if only there were more time.

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