Wednesday wall of fame #9

This week’s Wednesday wall is a collaborative effort between French artists Abys and Scaf Oner. I normally hate sharing walls that are covered in so much shade but I was limited in time to go and see this wall before it was buffed and of course the sunshine in Barna plays havoc with shooting at certain times of the day. No no that’s not a Scottish person moaning about the sunshine, honestly!

As I’ve mentioned before I am a total sucker for bright over the top cartoon pieces and this one definitely fits that criteria. Abys takes the left hand side of the piece with his red eyed bull smashing through a wall which is is now tumbling to the ground in pieces. If you look closely you’ll see the wall is actually Abys’s name, this is some seriously inventive writing and adds so much to the piece.

Scaf’s work is on the right hand side of the wall and he’s created a guitar playing skeleton that has so much detail it’s hard to believe that it’s been done with sprays. Both the details and shading of the eyes (or holes where the eyes once were) and the hands playing the guitar are simply incredible, truly next level work.

I wish I could have shared a non shaded picture of this wall but hopefully you can still appreciate what a great piece it is.


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Lewis Duncan aka No Grey Walls is a Scottish street art lover/photographer/blogger based in Barcelona.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday wall of fame #9

  1. This is a stunning piece, I love all elements of it, and you just gotta love a skull. Damn that tree shadow and sunshine!

    1. Always love a skull and man do I love that bull smashing through the writing. Brilliant stuff!

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